With the era of introduction of smartphones into human life, the percentage of those who use the phone at work or during leisure time is increasing. Yes, a high rate is observed among social networks and messengers, due to their format and simplicity.

Mobile traffic has been growing for years now and there is no plan to stop this trend. That is why it is an excellent resource for promoting offers that users will see on their phones or tablets, in the subway or in the car, at home or on a walk, in a spacious restaurant or over a cup of instant coffee.

There are different resources for dealing with this kind of traffic. In the article, we will consider what UAC and inApp are.

UAC is a special mode of Google Ads that helps advertisers promote mobile applications on all platforms owned by the corporation. Namely:

In the search engine itself
In Google Play
On YouTube
In the PP network
In fact, you start working with several sites at once.

When starting this mode, the user is given various resources, as well as available formats. And here you should be very careful: each format has its own banner sizes, which are important to consider. Creo should be the size of the chosen place, and also clearly suitable for starting the mechanic (it is possible to open, close, click on the desired image or button). But thanks to the developers, all these requirements are listed in the Google Help.

The application is driven by traffic attraction algorithms. For example, the arbitrator gives information about his budget, product, target audience, goals. UAC, taking into account the information provided, selects the best platforms for posting, adjusts bids, and then adjusts the results.

When working with UAC, you should not forget about the anti-detection browser, proxy and cloak, which will help you do everything cleanly and neatly.

It is also important to consider the verticals and products that the program will work with. The answer is simple: basically for everything. However, among this list there are leaders:

Gambling and betting
Mobile games
As you can see, the most profitable niches are arbitrage.

It should be noted that UAC itself is a great resource for working with a wide audience, since Google owns the most massive platforms with an active target audience based on Android.

Google Play. All programs users are simply forced to buy here.

But do not think that the owners of other firmwares are in a hurry. Most often, the sites they view are tied to Google. Thus, working with only UAC, you are able to ensure a good response on other resources of the corporation.

Before starting, you should know that:

The tool has several tools aimed at different tasks. Some of them collect information, others conduct analytics.
You will have to experiment with creo. UAC will constantly request new ones to test them and look for approaches
About once a month, Google can ban the account
It is worth following the rules of a good office: no activities and sharp increases-decreases, a good farm
With these rules in mind, you will be able to work fruitfully with UAC for a long time to come. The main rule: do not spare creo and they will help you.

In fact, inApp is a regular advertisement inside mobile applications. An example would be a banner with a site that pops up during a game.

And if we talk about banners, then this is far from the only form of advertising. The main types are:

Interactive, that is, some interaction is required;
Viewing for a reward;
Intermediate order. for example, after clicking on the “play” tab, an advertised site will appear;
As you can see, we often come across such advertisements when using gadgets.

So, let’s take a look at the main pros and cons of inApp:

Budget. Unfortunately, you will have to spend a lot of money to work. Because of this, this option is not quite suitable for single arbitrators, as well as for beginners
Quality. Yes, the quality of traffic from various games is not at all “first class”
Heavily. Again, not for beginners, because inApp connections differ from others in their complexity
Loyal moderation. And here it is worth praising this method. Of course, gambling advertising in inApp is mostly prohibited, but it is not as strict there as in the same Facebook and other social networks
Having punched Thanks to its sharp appearance on the screen, as well as interesting ways to further attract attention, inApp literally gives users back their sight for advertising, and they actively interact with it
Without a cloaca. more often than not, none of the moderators are watching where your link leads
It should be understood that for all its advantages, inApp is a complex thing, which will be difficult for a beginner to understand.

Mobile traffic is one of the key factors defining today’s digital age. With the development of smartphones, people increasingly prefer to use their mobile devices to access information, entertainment and online services.

Importantly, such traffic offers ample business and marketing opportunities. It allows companies to reach their target audience anytime, anywhere. With apps, advertising platforms and website optimization, corporations can attract more customers and increase their sales.

In general, mobile traffic is an integral part of the modern world. It changes the way users interact with information and business. It is vital for any arbitrator to adapt to these changes and take advantage of all the opportunities they offer to improve their visibility and success.