In the early 2010s, the era of purchased traffic arrived, with the appearance of the first affiliate programs, known as CPA networks. Teaser, banner networks, as well as popunder/clickunder formats were heavily used, accounting for approximately 70% of the traffic market. Then new products appeared, such as vk/ads, mytarget, od, facebook, native ads with different formats, gradually displacing the previous ones.

At that time, certain skills were required for a successful start in CPA-partnerships:
Buying a domain (understanding the process and choosing sites).
Search for a suitable payment system (mostly WebMoney was used).
Buying a server and binding a domain.
Depending on the vertical, different directions were possible: nutra, commodity, sweepstakes, mobile MT and MO subscriptions, midlets, wapclick, as well as popular CPL-offers (for registration), card applications, online browser games and others. The traffic arbitrage market back then was very different from today.

With the advent of the Traffis service, the scenario has changed significantly. The service provides the ability to launch any vertical in just a few clicks, providing ready-made domains, cloaking and events for any CPA network or web link. Arbitration has now become more accessible and convenient for all levels of professionals in this field.

In that period, it was important to have the following skills:

The ability to create pre-landings independently or their adaptation in the absence of available spy services.
Determining which pre-landing or landing is most likely to be successful.
Passing moderation, including the use of cloaking, which used to be easier to use.
Conducting split tests for pre-lending.
Using analytics tools such as Keitaro, PixelK, Voluum and MAT.
The ability to create the right creatives.
As for the costs for a beginner who has gone through this path and become a seasoned expert, they can be estimated as follows:

3 months / $3000
6 months / $6000
1 year / $12,000
These amounts only take into account technical costs, such as training, software and various tools. However, it is necessary to take into account that such an experience may also require considerable effort and time.

In the context of the question of costs and difficulties in traffic arbitrage, you can consider this in a more informative style:

There are certain risks and costs associated with entering the world of arbitration. Let’s consider this process in more detail and analyze the reasons that may cause difficulties and failures.

It is quite common to think that technical difficulties can be avoided by simply contacting the right specialists. But it is important to understand that affiliate marketing requires a deep understanding of what is really effective now and what is not. Nowadays, the freelance market is oversaturated with developers, but not all of them have the necessary skills in the field of cloaking and TDS technologies.

As for the process itself, beginners often start their journey by trial and error. This includes unstructured tests, many hours of discussions in chats with like-minded people and facing account bans. All this experience requires considerable expenditure of time and resources, and, unfortunately, does not always lead to the desired results.

Of particular interest is the question why from 2010 to 2023 no one has developed a service that would automate the technical aspects of traffic arbitrage, providing the opportunity to learn how to run ads for an adequate amount. The answer to this question was not obvious, which prompted the Traffis company to take a risk and create its own service that solves these problems. We will present more detailed information about this service below.

Traffis is a traffic arbitrage tool that allows you to launch on any vertical in just a few clicks, providing ready-made domains, cloaking, events and adaptation to any CPA network or your URL

That is, when using Traffis you do not need:

Buy domains
Buy an SSL certificate
Buy servers
Buy TDS (If you already have one, you can use it by setting the URL in the system)
Hire an integrator to set up postback / events / TDS
Buy cloaking
Order the development of pre-lands, each of which costs from 50 to 100 dollars (including development and design). And it is important to understand that their conversion can vary, so sometimes you need to test 5-10 pre-lands, and it is not a fact that they will be successful with a good Conversion Rate (CR).

For which verticals is the Traffis multitool suitable for traffic arbitrage? What advantages does it have? And how does it affect our costs?

Traffis is ideal for the following verticals:

In the future they will also add:

Each vertical includes hundreds of unique and effective pre-landings for traffic arbitrage. The company does not provide them freely or through spy tools; they create them for users based on more than 10 years of experience.

In addition, users get free updates. Every week they add pre-landings in different languages and are always ready for your suggestions!

Pre-lendings in the Traffis service are developed by highly qualified specialists with the cleanest possible code. They do not contain malicious scripts to intercept your traffic, metrics or blockers. And what is important, they are translated by native speakers, not robots, which significantly increases your conversion.

Traffis is a tool designed to simplify the start and operation of traffic arbitration, available to both beginners and large companies. The long-awaited multitool on the market is a key component of a successful arbitrage strategy. Every day, the company works hard, adding new features that bring real benefits to users.

By purchasing an annual Traffis tariff, you provide yourself with access to all the innovative features that will appear in the new year.