What is ofer and what to eat it with?
Let’s start with the theory. An offer in the affiliate sphere is a product or service that needs to be promoted. It can be anything – various products, courses, subscriptions, even air conditioning installation services.
The affiliate chooses an offer that he likes and pours traffic on it. For this he receives payment from the advertiser. The more traffic, the higher the payment. If we talk about what the offer consists of, it mostly consists of:

Name and description of the product or service itself.
GEO (country where the product or service needs to be advertised).
Vertical is the area in which you need to drive traffic.
Bid price – how much the advertiser is willing to pay for traffic.
The traffic source is from Facebook ads to push notifications
Time for application acceptance, processing, hold.
Limits are mostly per day.
What are the types of offers?
Offers can be divided into different types. This is usually done according to the level of legality of the vertical and the offer:

White offers. These are goods or services that fully correspond to the description. In addition, their use does not in any way violate the law or the rules of communities – for example, Facebook or Instagram. For the most part, such offers promote goods – smartphones, clothes, shoes, etc., services, etc.
Gray offers. In this case, we are talking about such goods or services that are not prohibited by the state, but have a certain negative connotation. These could be weight loss products that don’t work or ads for online casinos and sports betting.
Black offers. In this case, we are talking about offers that violate the law – it can be a scam for users, advertising of prohibited goods or services.

What to pay attention to when choosing an offer?
The offer for work is made by the advertiser and the webmaster, for the most part, cannot influence it. However, there are more than enough offers on the market, so you should choose exactly those offers that will bring you the highest ROI. When choosing an offer, you should pay attention to:

Reliability of the affiliate program. Be wary of those PPs that have recently entered the market. They can attract you with exclusive offers or good prices. However, they bear less responsibility for their reputation, so it is quite possible to get a shave.
Work with clients. It is important that the company works with customers 24 hours a day. After all, if you work according to the model of payment for sales, it can greatly affect your result.
New offers. Outdated offers convert much worse, because users already know what you have to offer them. Choose new offers, test them, this will help increase your ROI.
Payment methods. Again, if we are talking about CPS offers, it is important that the advertiser works not only on prepaid, but also on postpaid. Clients trust this format much more. In addition, it is important that there are enough payment methods on the resource so that the client chooses the one that suits him.
Land quality. It doesn’t matter how high-quality creative you have and how well-developed the funnel is. If, after clicking, the client goes to a low-quality landing page with errors or slow operation, he is unlikely to agree to purchase a product or service.
The most common mistakes when choosing an offer
When choosing and working with an offer, many novice affiliates make a number of common mistakes. Here are some of them:

A selection of the most popular offers. Do not think that if the offer is popular, it is the best. Mostly, in this case we are talking about a big competition, which will be quite difficult for a beginner to win. We advise you to better pay attention to more recent offers – they have the least amount of credit and less competition. Test connections, various GEOs. But at the same time, we remind you that it is better to work with verified advertisements and affiliates – this will allow you to avoid shaving.
Selection of offers with the best indicators. Don’t assume that high payouts are a guarantee of good ROI. Quite often there are situations when less profitable, at first glance, offers bring much more profit. When choosing an offer, pay attention not only to the level of payments, but also calculate the approximate cost per ice.
Using “long-established creos and approaches”. Do not steal other people’s creos that have shown good results. Usually, this approach does not bring conversions, because users have long learned and understood them. Better work on understanding CA, research the market, test new approaches and creos and you will profit.
The right choice of the offer determines how profitable your further work will be. Be sure to pay attention to the requirements and offers from the affiliate program or advertiser, do not choose the first thing that comes to your eyes. Do not work with outdated offers or approaches – new ones bring better results. Test, work and get as much ROI as possible!