Portugal is a typical representative of European Tier-2. Well, typical: if you know the nuances and work well with creos, the offers from Portugal will consistently bring you cool results.

How high the ROI can be is well shown by this case. Note that in this case, all factors played in our favor — from the time of the RK and the offer to the settings and creatives.

Basic information:

Offer: Nine Casino | Android / IOS

Geo: Portugal

Platform: Facebook apps

Test period: 01.08-31.08

Expenses: $12,553

Profit: $23,545

Profit: $10,992

ROI: 87%

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Selection of GEO:

Portugal is the westernmost country in mainland Europe. The population is relatively small – only about 10 million, but it is quite solvent. The official currency is the euro, and the language is Portuguese.

The country is conventionally divided into a prosperous north and a poorer south.

Gambling in Portugal is steadily growing, so it makes sense to come here and scale. Residents of the country are loyal not only to local casinos, but also to international ones. By the way, an interesting detail, online casinos are not taxed in the country, and the Portuguese like it very much.

Traffic source:

Creative selection process:

Most of the Portuguese do not like to show off their wealth to outsiders, so the images of people on creatives should be selected appropriately (no wheelbarrows and yachts). But the genuine emotions that winning brings are just what you need.

Of course, it’s important that creatives are localized.

How did advertising companies adjust?

As part of this RK, WWA props were used. Placement — Facebook for Android 9+.
A wide male audience aged from 26 to 50 was selected.


Portugal is an extremely promising market that, despite its small population, can show impressive results. The Portuguese’s penchant for gambling is a definite advantage for arbitrators. And a profit of almost 11 thousand dollars and an ROI of 87% make one reconsider the skepticism about Tier-2.