What is it all about?
Scrolling through the TikTok feed, you’ve 100% encountered streams where people were spinning slots. The approach here is classic – to evoke an emotion in a person. The standard option is big wins with serious sums. A person sees how someone won several thousand dollars for a couple of spins and thinks “Why can’t I do that”.
Usually, such streams are spent on twisted slots, in which a bonus drops every 5-10 scrolls. There are other scenarios. For example, a streamer drains his dep almost completely, after which he gets a Big win and returns what he lost with a certain profit. All this, as we have already said, causes an emotion in the viewer, a desire to win money as well. And you have a solution – the link to “win-free” slots is already in your profile.

Live broadcasts are distinguished by high audience engagement, so it is not surprising that they are used to flood traffic. According to Livestream statistics, 82% of content consumers prefer streams.

How to run streams on Gamble in 2024?
It would seem that everything is simple. I took the link, started the stream, spin it and earn a profit. However, there are a lot of pitfalls in this relatively free approach. So let’s start to understand.

An account with at least 1000 followers is required to start streams and add a link to your profile. And if the issue with the link can be solved by creating a business account (many documents for this can be found on the Internet), then this option will not help for streams.

Note that on some accounts, the ability to conduct a stream does not appear even after overcoming the stage of 1000 subscribers. This is due to the rules of the site.

To avoid a ban, which we will talk about in more detail a little later, you need to warm up your account, watch other videos and streams, and curse people. In a word, to make it appear that the account of an ordinary person is being used. Of course, it will be much easier to buy a ready-made account. They are not so expensive, but they are blocked quite often. Also, if you don’t have your own farm of students who will make dozens of such accounts per week, it may be easier to purchase akkas.

Work process
So, you created an account, warmed it up and got 1000 followers (or just bought it). Now let’s move on to why we have gathered here. Earning from traffic from streams. First of all, we recommend creating a pad for your link. After all, the direct link of TikTok, most likely, will simply block. It can be either a TG account or another TikTok already with a direct link, on which nothing will happen. However, the version with TG is still more reliable.

After that, you can start the stream itself with a demo account. Here it is important to understand that it is not 2014 outside, most people understand what is happening. It is better to behave as naturally as possible. Yes, Big Wins is still a working scheme. But do not forget about realism. It can also be certain losses, for example. The main thing is, of course, to evoke an emotion in a person. But frank cringe is unlikely to convince people to follow the link.

As for behavior during streams, it all depends on your approach. The best format is to communicate more with people, reply to all comments. This will add naturalness to the stream and convince more people.

Additional sources of traffic from the Tiktok account
In addition to streams, you can use the account to pour traffic directly from the feed. You can post cuts from streams to your account with big wins and your emotions. Usually, such videos do not gain millions, but several thousands – easily. This will add traffic not only to streams, but also to your link.

How to avoid bans
Recently, a wave of a strong storm covered TikTok, which in turn brought a bunch of bans and new restrictions. Accounts began to fly away en masse when the streams with slots were launched, and new videos stopped gaining views.

And we will immediately upset you – there is no single pill for this disease. There is no guarantee that if you follow certain approaches, your account will not fly away after 2-3 streams. However, there are a few ways to extend the life of accounts that are in effect at least as of this writing.

The first approach is already quite popular and you may have come across it before. This is a slot launch under the guise of games. You will need a game mat for the background with various popular games, Minecraft is most often used, because the game itself is very sticky. However, you can choose other well-known products.

Another option is to disguise the slots as mobile games in the style of “three in a row”. A more complicated approach, you need to start the game first and play it a bit on the stream, and only then go to the slots. More time is wasted, but TikTok moderators can treat this stream as a game and not ban.

Third, this is not an approach, but a feature of the application that users found a few years ago – if the image is not direct, but is reflected from a mirror or, for example, a monitor, TikTok perceives it differently. Then this method was used to publish photos and videos of an intimate nature. Now, this method has also started to be used for slot streams. The main thing is to install the camera correctly.

Live broadcasts on TikTok are a great opportunity to gamble with minimal costs. If you enter this field and understand all the nuances of work, you can get a good ROI.

However, it is worth understanding that an account in TT is no less expensive than an account in FB. If you decide to farm them yourself, it will take a lot of time. But it will reduce all your expenses to zero. It all depends on you. The main thing is desire and a creative approach.