This time – against gambling advertising. The proposal was made by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The deputy director of the Ministry of Information stated that, according to the laws of the country, betting on sports and gambling in casinos (i.e. slots, roulette and other games of chance) are prohibited at the state level.
Logically, any PR, advertising and promotion of such services should amount to a violation of the law. The ministry is urging the authorities to start regulating and closely monitor five main sources of information: print media, television, news portals, online advertising campaigns and social networks.
“Activists” of various levels acted with approximately this message six months ago: in the winter, the issue of banning advertising materials related to betting was also a hot topic. And regulation has indeed become tougher. What will happen now depends on the authorities. Will they find the current restrictions sufficient, or will they go further? We follow the news.