Enrolling in the partner program is free of charge! Simply register as a partner, please. After that, our professionals will offer you complete assistance and advise with you regarding the promotion of your concepts.

For affiliates, we accept the following payment options: Bank Wire, Bitcoin, Skrill, and Neteller. Please contact us if you have a way that falls outside of these.

You will receive your earnings at the end of each month, with a minimum payment value of €100, and within 20 days of receiving the invoice.

No. We do not offer any plans with negative carryover.Everything that occurs in the preceding month remains in that month. Your account will be reset to €0 on the beginning of every month to give you a fresh start and inspiration to keep promoting our companies.

We track the gamers you recommend to us using unique tracking codes and cookies. Each time a user clicks on your affiliate link (which we give you), a cookie—a little text file containing the unique identifier of your affiliate account—is downloaded and stored on their computer. Our website will notice this cookie whenever a player you have recommended joins as a new player at our casino. It will then link that player to your affiliate account and track all of the net earnings that player generates—a sum on which you will be rewarded.
When someone clicks on your affiliate link, we install cookies on their computer that stay active for 30 days. This implies that in order for you to receive compensation for a recommendation, the person you recommend must register at btcplay.com within 30 days of visiting your affiliate link.

If we choose to use a revenue share model, all players who join up on our website after clicking on your website’s link will be considered “your” players and will earn you money for the rest of their lives. We go over each of the other affiliate possibilities separately.