To attract new categories of audiences, products are forced to invent new entertainment formats. A huge layer of users is very far from slots. People are sure that it is impossible to win with them. So how to work with rejections? Offer something unique. This is how users perceive crash games, which have become a hit in the last two years. We will talk about them.
What are crash games
Crash games are the same casino as slots. They have the same percentage of refunds to players, the same opportunities for snowstorms. But for gamblers it is not so important. They pay attention to the very mechanics and appearance of the game. The bottom line is that here the player sees more than just slots with the ability to choose the number of lines, bet amounts and the number of spins. In crash games, the gambler can “make decisions on his own”. We will explain why we wrote it in quotes later. But here’s what it looks like for the player:
Independent decision-making when to end the “scroll” and collect the winnings
Independent exposure of the risk level (similar to the number of lanes in slots)
As a rule, a more frequent snowstorm of at least some winnings (even if they are smaller than the bet made)
In fact, the player has exactly as much independence here as in classic slots. It’s just not that obvious. Even if the player manages to collect the winnings, on the next games the system will average them and take everything they have. But psychologically it is easier and more attractive.

Types of crash games
One of the most famous crash games is Aviator. The same one where the plane flies, the Xs grow, the numbers run up. If the plane crashes (crashes – hence the name) – the player will get nothing. If the player has time to press the “withdraw money” button or if the plane reaches the set level, the gambler will record the profit.

Almost a complete analogue of the Aviator and JetX is Lucky Jet. Same mechanics, same buttons. It’s just that a person does not fly on a plane, but on a jetpack.

Another fresh game gaining momentum and popularity all over the world is Plinko. The mechanics are different: here the player chooses the number of “lines” that the balls have to cross, as well as the number of balls. Balls fall from above, pass through several lines on which obstacles collide, and at the end fall into the baskets.

Each basket is marked with an X, which will be multiplied by the amount equal to each ball (considered as the bet amount/number of balls). In this game, there will always be at least some profit, but most often, of course, it is negative. However, it is important for the player to see that he is winning. Psychologically, it is easier for a person to bet, bet, bet and lose a little, than to lose everything at once, in one bet. This is what Plinko plays on.

Crash games are only gaining momentum, and above are only the most popular. In addition to the plane and falling balls, there are other mechanics, but they are not so popular. In fact, crash games can be pulled under the appearance of e-football, hockey, tennis and other sports (when played by “bots”), e-sports and even darts. But it will still be a casino, with the same rules of money movements. A casino that will still remain in the black and bring its affiliates into the black.

For the most part, creos and crash game demo campaigns are not too different from classic slots. Emotions, drifts, catchy phrases. Non-standard approaches such as newsletters are also used. With the usual approach, it is important not to force the player to deposit a minimum amount in order to win a lot of money – such traffic may not pay off, and advertising will cut a part of the payout. It is necessary to understand that a significant part of the target audience for such games is young people. Of course, there are also classics for gambling products — men of 25 years old also play crash games. But the new mechanics were created precisely in order to interest a younger audience, as well as the female part of the population. If you promise players something that they will not get later, and do not stimulate them to play, they will quickly get angry, because they have not yet lined up the mentality of the target audience for gambling.

From this comes the task, as well as the opportunity: it is necessary to stimulate the players to make redeploys, to try again and again, to test “strategies”. And it works! If the world is burning out little by little from the schemes of smashing slots, here is another mechanic – the person “himself” sets the rules. So, it is easier to convince him that he can try, think with his head and beat the mechanism. This is what processors use. As you can guess, it is about the traffic pattern. Crushes are actively used for excavations in all geos.

One of the most working options, almost similar to schemes, is stimulation at the expense of a media person. In the aviator, there were popular creos with Neymar and other athletes. Many CIS bloggers promote crash games in their social networks, and some do not hesitate to even assure the audience that they will really work. The same schemes. But for ordinary arbitrators, this is an opportunity to cut a bunch of creatives.

Crash games, due to their specificity, convert perfectly not only by keys (PPC), SEO, targets, but even with a cannon, teasers and purchases of posts in social networks and messengers. However, it is worth considering an important factor: the geo factor. Different games are popular in different countries. Creators of crash games think through advertising campaigns in detail and try to cover specific geos. Of course, in terms of game accessibility, the world is multipolar — any gamer from any country can play any game. But the question of popularity: the majority of players of one geo may simply not know about some beauty simply because it is not promoted by local bloggers. And influencers are one of the main approaches in the advertising of crash games.