Developing a mobile gambling application in 2024 is becoming an increasingly sophisticated process that requires a deep understanding of technical features, trends and audience needs.

From native browser optimization to AI integration, learn what factors determine success.

What are the key features that make a mobile gambling app “perfect” in 2024?
Correct operation of WebView, tracking of conversions, push-notifications and design that “hooks” the audience. But the most important thing is that the application is alive.

What technical features must be taken into account? For example, the size of the application and other technical decisions.
I consider the size of the application to be a secondary characteristic, but I try to make it as light as possible (3-10 MB).

For a longer life of applications, it is worth making them unique, so the use of various technologies, frameworks and libraries is welcome, and clear technical requirements in our field are usually set only for the “gray” part of the application:

The most important thing is the correct operation of the browser built into the application, because the operation of the offers to which we attract users may depend on this, and in order for them to register and make deposits, the offer must work without complaints.
It is also critically important to send registration and deposit events to buyers’ advertising campaigns so that they are optimized.
Having push notifications to re-engage inactive users greatly improves app performance.
The rest of the technical requirements are dictated by Google itself, for example, it is necessary to update the Android API of the application in a timely manner, otherwise it will not be possible to upload it to Google Play.

Do you use Artificial Intelligence to create applications or delegate some tasks?
Yes, I actively use AI, it helps with code refactoring, finding alternative solutions and speeds up development. In this regard, in addition to the well-known ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot and Android Studio Bot performed very well – these are two very powerful tools that are built into the development environment and can analyze the code you wrote, find flaws in it and offer solutions based on your code.

This is very convenient, because the AI understands your project, and you do not need to clarify all the nuances in a dialogue with it for a long time. At most, GitHub Copilot can understand what you want to write when you start typing, and offer to add that code for you, usually very well!

What are some common mistakes to avoid when developing mobile gambling apps to ensure their success and longevity in the market?
Do not make primitive stubs, good games usually cause fewer questions in moderation. Don’t forget to test your “gray” part so that it works flawlessly on different versions of Android, and remove everything unnecessary from it: the less repetitive code, the better.

What trends and prospects do you see in 2024 for the creation and promotion of applications?
Mobile app development in our niche has long been more about speed than quality; now the balance is shifting towards quality. It is necessary to adapt in order to produce better stubs without wasting too much time.

Keep the middle ground in designs so that they attract the user, but not the moderator.